Tourtek TBX10 Rechargeable Bluetooth LOUDspeaker Giveaway

To celebrate the final stretch of summer, we are giving away a Tourtek TBX10 Bluetooth Loudspeaker. Released on August 1st, the TBX10 combines convenient portability with loud high definition volume. The two way design features a 10” woofer for exceptional booming bass and a 1” compression driver for smooth and refined high frequency performance. The speakers Bluetooth receiver allows you to wirelessly stream your favorite Spotify/Apple Music playlists from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, while a dedicated microphone input makes the TBX10 perfect for speeches or Karaoke.

An 8 hour internal battery makes the TBX10 the perfect entertainment solution for tailgates, beach trips, and BBQ’s. Forget those tiny and overpriced Bluetooth speakers and start enjoying your music with the TBX10.


  • Rechargeable Bluetooth Loudspeaker
  • 8 Hour Battery Life
  • Built-in 3 Channel Mixer
  • Microphone input for speeches and announcements
  • Exceptionally lightweight design
Tourtek TBX10 Rechargeable Bluetooth LOUDspeaker Giveaway